21 September 2011

how to change your new layout FB like the previous one !

hey guys !

long time no see ya.

sorry again. as i told before i have no mood and idea to update anything here. dunno y ? but i hope all of u will not angry with me okay ! luv ya !

by the way i know many of u have an account of Facebook right ? just tell me who doesn't have any account of Social Networking. nah ! u liar right. it is not good for ur healthy. haha. joking !

i know many of u noticed that the new layout of FB right. and most of u feel awkward and uneasy to use the new layout. because it is more open about us. especially which we set it as private now all of our friend can read it. oh no ! it is not awesome okey.

so what do u want to do ? now i give u some way how to get ur previous layout of FB.

first of all u must sign in ur account lah. haha. kidding !

1. Go to arrow sign near the Home menu.
2. Then u choose Account Settings.
3. Now u will see Language menu.
4. U must choose English (UK).
5. The important thing ! Click 'Save Settings'.
6. It's Done !!!

Feel free to try and u will smile for the whole day ! Keep smiling.......

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