14 September 2011

i hate bad stalker !

hey guys !

sorry for late update. there are too much work for me to be done yesterday and today. and i feel rilex when all the work has finished to be done. wallah !

let's talk about stalker today ! i know many of u know what is stalker right ? it is more like some one who like to stalk others and make story about the person. yeah i hate them !

but the most i hate is a stalker that make bad story about a person which he doesn't know much about that person. he just heard from others and make story from it. hey come on la !

that trick is not a perfect way. why don't u just face the person and tell everything to him ! at least u can know whether the story that u heard is true or not. don't make a conclusion by ur self.

and because of this stalker, i have to make something that i don't want to. i have to private my other blog and just invited reader only can view my post. i'm really sorry !

so who ever has been my follower and always visit my blog u can left ur email or url blog here ok ! or maybe i should change my url ? so do u have any opinion to help me ?

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