08 September 2011

i have follow u, do u have to follow me ?

hey guys !

new topic again. i just thought about it a minute ago. haha. *liar!*

each time i blogwalking to others blog, some of my blogger friend had bring up this issue. it is all about i follow u and u MUST follow me back !

oh damn ! i didn't think it quite good for every blogger. each person has their own style and interest. we don't have the right to force them to follow us if they don't insist to.

and i'm sure a little of them will feel awkward and don't mad at me if the person u want them to follow u just blocked your blog from the list. * i haven't done that *

so just think wisely if u think u follow some one because u loved to follow, just follow. BUT don't ever FORCE them to follow u back. okey !

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