09 September 2011

wearing hijab if wearing braces

hey guys !

i have a story. it is about my cousin. she was 14 years old and still study in form 2. she is a free hair girl. very stylish and really fanatics on Korean Actor.

last Hari Raya she said that on 1st and 2nd raya she want to wear hijab but on the 3rd she don't want to wear it. haha. childish thinking.

then she said that if she wear braces, she will wear hijab for the rest of her life. what do u think ? is it good reason for her to wear hijab just because of braces ?

maybe it is a little funny reason for a kid like her right. but who knows it can encourage her to wear full time hijab one day. even though her reason for the first time is not a perfect reason.

i hope one day she will wear hijab with her sincerity heart. may God bless her :)

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